Nutrition optimized.
Integration revolutionized.
Performance maximized.

Fuelogics is a cutting-edge nutrition system and mobile application designed to empower athletes and those who help them succeed.

"This makes way more sense than counting calories or plate modeling..."

or anything else I've tried in the past. I was able to gain weight after losing it and putting my eligibility in jeopardy. And I entered top 40 and top 75 national rankings for the 3k and 5k! I used to always worry about eating the right things and being too perfect. Now I can meet my needs and run without all the stress.



individualized nutrition recommendations on a large scale.

"It's great. I wasn't eating enough carbs. It was so obvious."

I didn't have to change what I ate. Just more of this or that or at certain times. Stuff like that. Before I was just focusing on pounding protein and wasn't making great strides.



to perform with our revolutionary translation of nutrition needs.

"...my athletes can easily understand and get suggestions based off their specific needs. It's fueling not only for performance but also as a valuable life skill."


"I like the way the app takes so little time to use through the day..."

yet is very effective for me in adjusting what I eat through the day and to be conscious of how much and what ratios of nutrients to eat.



based on better data and produce measurable performance outcomes.

"Awesome results. I have seen a huge improvement in our guys. And tying strength and stats back to nutrition finally. So much we can do..."


Move beyond 3-size-fits-all plate models and vague activity factors. Fuelogics uses more variables and better algorithms resulting in more accurate g/kg-based nutrition recommendations

than ever before. 

Empower each and every athlete with 24/7 guidance that constantly adapts to variability in training, injuries, and more.

Athletes can easily fit preferences to needs with the Fuelogics flexible control, servings-based system. 

93% of athletes make changes to food consumption in the first week of Fuelogics app usage.

Specific meal and snack ideas are generated according to individual athlete needs, available 24/7.

Quickly see how athletes are fueling, from teams to individuals, with reports and data at your fingertips.

Receive flags for athletes who may need more attention.

Optimize education and food provision efforts as Fuelogics helps to pinpoint athlete shortcomings.

performance nutrition data powered by Fuelogics.

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