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Fuelogics is built from the ground up, combining cutting-edge physiological and behavioral science with revolutionary integration methods to pioneer performance nutrition and management.

Fuel for the work required with Fuelogics.

Carbohydrate and fat fluctuate according to more than just BMR, NEAT, and training volume. Support optimal adaptations and performance as Fuelogics considers intensity, chronic training status, and more to determine highly accurate g/kg-based nutrition needs before transforming it into real food for you.

High dietary carbohydrate content during intensified running training results in better maintenance of performance and mood state.

(Achten et al, 2004)

8.5 g/kg carbohydrate

5.4 g/kg carbohydrate

4.6 g/kg carbohydrate

(typical athlete intake)


Did you know?

In a group of competitive rowers, 69% altered their carbohydrate intake within 2 weeks of exposure to the Fuelogics app; users received a 41% higher improvement ranking vs. non-users over the season by their coach (who was blinded to athlete usage).

Optimize lean mass results.

Daily protein and carbohydrate intake are regulated through injury, training volume changes and detraining, variations in body composition, and weight change goals.

Increased protein intake reduces lean body mass loss

during weight loss in athletes (Mettler et al, 2010)

35%                 30%                  35%

Typical Distribution

(Strength/Power Athletes)

Other interesting reading:

Kato et al, 2016  |  Tipton, 2015  |  Helms et al, 2014  |  Acheson et al, 1988  |  Lemon et al, 1980


Did you know?

In controlled groups of strength/power athletes, lean mass gains during pre-season hypertrophy blocks have been between 1.6x and 3.2x greater for Fuelogics app users vs. non-users; on a team of baseball players, pre-season usage was significantly correlated with in-season home run rate and slugging percentage.

Enhance weight and body composition control.

Fuelogics can account for difficult to measure influencers like genetics and the microbiome, consider compensations in exercise and non-exercise activity thermogenesis that come with deficits and surpluses, manipulate fiber intake and satiety cues, and control for variations in energy intake estimations. A large variety of variables are managed for you automatically and instantaneously.

Acute compensatory eating following exercise is associated with implicit hedonic wanting for food (Finlayson et al, 2009)

Efficient compensators likely to show weight control

Inefficient compensators likely to show uncontrolled weight loss

Inefficient compensators likely to show uncontrolled weight gain


Did you know?

Fuelogics users have reported an average 49% improvement in perceived weight regulation after exposure to the app. These improvements were associated with greater increases in lean mass in strength/power athletes as well as an average 1.7% time PR in elite middle-distance athletes using Fuelogics in conjunction with sports nutrition counseling.

Improve micronutrient and bioactive compound intake.

Specific food, meal, and snack suggestions mold to your nutrition needs in real time, all the time. Seamlessly transform performance strategies into real food at the drop of a hat.

Training availability accounts for 86% of successful seasons in elite athletes. For every modified training week due to illness, the chance of achieving performance goals are significantly reduced. 

Upper respiratory tract infections are responsible for more than 33% of missed or modified training days. These infections tend to come at pivotal times: early in training or in the days leading up to competition.

Increasing probiotic and prebiotic intake can cut risk of illness by 45%, reduce severity when athletes do catch bugs, and speed return back to health by almost 2x.

60% of athletes - when healthy - may be losing 14% of their potential gains from training every 7 weeks as they fail to meet EARs for magnesium intake.


Did you know?

Even when athletes had self-rated their nutrition habits as "strong" (average 4 out of 5 on a 5-point scale) before exposure to the Fuelogics app, 100% reported changes to their nutrition habits and agreed that they ate better for performance after using the app.

Elevate your command of "flexible control".

Eat for performance and health while supporting your unique lifestyle, habits, and preferences. Set positive goals, strategies, priorities, and thinking that lead to lifelong healthy, performance-driven behaviors.

Flexible nutrition control that pushes athletes away from good-food/bad-food paradigms and toward understanding how to utilize any and all foods to meet nutrition goals can improve weight management, performance outcomes, and psychological health by enabling athletes to eat with satisfaction, sustain positive behaviors, and adapt to unforeseen circumstances. (Westenhoefer et al, 1990; Meule et al, 2011; Schaumberg et al, 2016).


Did you know?

In a group of endurance athletes, after just one week of using the Fuelogics app, 87% of users reported a better understanding of how to classify and integrate foods according to their major macronutrient source, 94% reported their nutrition needs were easy to understand, and 77% reported feeling performance improvements.

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