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You don't have to take our word for it...

With Fuelogics, I PR'ed my 6k... while in a deficit to make lightweight qualification easier and earn my scholarship in my 2nd year. Then I went out and won one of the largest rowing events in the US and crushed National Team Trials. I now feel better and understand my food better... all after feeling exhausted and struggling through training and competition the year before while trying to maintain a competitive weight. I now know what 100% feels like. Just wow.


The demands on my body are extremely variable day to day. Having immediate guidance as all this fluctuates is HUGE. I appreciate the ability to eat what I want and knowing that it fits my needs. Recovery is faster, I gain more strength in narrower training windows, and I maintain strength when I used to lose it. I wish I had access to this years ago. Not to mention that in situations where I don't have access, I have a better sense of how to eat - better intuition.


I was able to gain weight after losing it and putting my eligibility in jeopardy. And I entered top 40 and top 75 national rankings for the 3k and 5k! This makes way more sense than counting calories or plate modeling or anything else I've tried in the past. It's much easier! Especially because I used to always worry about eating the right things and being too perfect. Now I can meet my needs and perform without all the stress.

93% of athletes using the Fuelogics system report changes to their food intake in the first week.
100% agree that they ate better for performance after two weeks. What do they have to add?


In general, I’m more mindful of how much energy a morning session has taken out of me and fuel better in anticipation of the afternoon session.


I’ve started to eat well starting in the morning and making sure I have stuff to eat for lunch. I also try to eat more vegetables at meals other than just dinner.


With the app it’s easier to see that I should be adjusting the way I eat food to eat more carbs before practice.


I’ve increased my daily vegetable intake on most days while cutting and notice that I feel more full and satisfied when I get extra veggies.


I have started to eat more carbs, think more closely about eating meals that are balanced with the right amount of each food group, and changed the quantity of food I have been eating.


I’m paying more attention to how my eating affects my performance.


The app has been really helpful for helping me understand, and in some cases re-evaluate, the way I eat for performance and what I need pre and post practice.


The app has for sure encouraged me to eat more and differently than I was before using it which has actually helped energy levels a lot in and out of practice while building for my race. I have formed better habits and look forward to them becoming more engrained.


I like the way the app takes so little time to use through the day, yet is very effective for me in adjusting what I eat through the day and to be conscious of how much and what ratios of nutrients to eat.


I have been tracking with both systems for the last few weeks and I will say that I have been pretty impressed that the calorie count for both have been within 50 calories of each other even though the Fuelogics app doesn’t force you to record exact foods.

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